Sunday, December 13, 2009

Week 14 in the NFL - Exciting!

This is an exciting week in the NFL. I'm really excited about it.

The Patriots SHOULD beat the Panthers. The Saints and Colts will have tough games from here on out just because every team will be attempting to prevent an undefeated season. But for today the Colts could have it tough because the Broncos should be ready.

Some very exciting games today should be the Bengals vs Vikings, Chargers vs Cowboys, and the Giants vs Eagles. These all should be great games. But the most exciting game of the 3 will be the Chargers/Cowboys game.

So who will win today? Here are my picks for a few games.

1. Saints (the Falcons don't stand a chance)
2. Broncos (my surprise pick)
3. Chargers (this will tell what Dallas is made of)
4. Giants (I love the Eagles and Andy Reid, but because of their quarterback they always find a way to either lose or not win and I hope I eat my words)
5. Bengals and Vikings - should be more exciting than people think anyone smell an upset????????

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