Saturday, December 5, 2009

Tom Brady - New England Patriots to Face Another Tough Game

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots will face another very tough game when they take the field on Sunday afternoon.

The Miami Dolphins are playing really tough football right now and I'm not sure the Patriots will win this game at Miami.

The Saints played good, but is that how good the Saints were or are the Patriots not as good as we thought?

As tough as the Dolphins are playing I might go out on a limb and say they will beat Tom Brady and the Patriots.

The Patriots had a short week because of playing on Monday night, they are in Miami, and the Dolphins are playing really really tough right now.

And it's very interesting two Michigan State quarterbacks will be facing off against one another in Chad Henne vs Tom Brady.

I really don't know if the Patriots can pull it out after such a tough loss to the Saints last week. I'm hoping they will, but they will have to play one awesome divisional game on Sunday.

There will be 3 keys to this game 1. Protect Tom Brady 2. No fumbles and 3. The New England Defense must dominate or we can forget it.

Gentleman, leave everything on the field..................your going to have to.

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