Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tom Brady - Not Practicing: Finger, Rib Injury and Shoulder Injury

Tom Brady has not practiced for two days straight now because of finger, rib and shoulder injuries according to reports.

This certainly is bad news for the New England Patriots when they battle the Panthers on Sunday. After New England came off of two tough losses in the last 3 weeks this has to be discouraging for everyone.

I think Tom Brady will play, but if he does, his timing could be off and performance could lack. The rest of the team is aware of this and this situation could be very draining emotionally for them.

Yes they are professionals. But this can't be easy on anyone.

If Tom Brady does play, the New England Patriots team could get emotionally charged enough to put together a nice win behind him even if, and especially if they realize he is not 100%.

But there is still Friday and Saturday to see what will happen with the Patriots leader Tom Brady.

So only time will tell.

Brady and his wife, Gisele Bundchen did have a baby boy on Tuesday. So he probably missed some practice on Tuesday also, but rightfully so - he should be with his wife and new son during that time.

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