Saturday, October 31, 2009

Penn State and NorthWestern

Penn State should take care of Northwestern today.

Even away, Joe Paterno and the Penn States Lions are a more powerful team.

The key to todays game will be fundamentals and that's all. Don't turn the ball over, block, tackle and no stupid penalties.

Daryll Clark needs to play smart. And if these happen, they will win the game.

Go Pann State!!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Tom Brady And New England Take Care Of Tampa Bay

Despite Tom Brady throwing a couple of interceptions, the New England patriots took care of business against the Tampa Bay Buccanneers.

They Made it look pretty easy. With Brady back in form many games should be easy.

My two concerns at this point is the offensive line and there defense. I don't think there defense can stand up to a team like the Colts at this point. And I don't think their offensive line can stand up to a defense like the Giants pass rush.

But thank goodness these things remain to be seen. And this was a great win - good job guys.

Keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Paterno, Penn State Break The Losing Streak At the Big House

Joe Paterno has not won at Michigan since 1996!! That's right. But today that losing streak was broken with an impressive victory over the Wolverines.

Daryll Clark played the game he needed to play. They did not turn the ball over, and the defense stepped up to the plate which are the 3 things I called to lead Penn State to a victory.

I'm really proud of them. Hope they can keep the momentum going. It was a truly great win for the Penn State Lions.

You Go Boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Joe Paterno, Penn State Have Work Cut Out

Joe Paterno has to have the team super ready for Michigan on Saturday for one reason. They did not win there since 1996 - that's 13 years!!! They should win this game with the talent they have, but this losing streak at Michigan - Penn State must brake!!!

Penn State is the better team in some ways. But not in every way. Like every week it will come down to three things - how will Daryll Clark perform? - How will the defense do? And they can't turn the ball over against Michigan at Michigan.

The most important thing in this game will be turnovers and penalties. But Penn States defense better show up!!

Go Penn State!!!

Tom Brady, New England Gear up For the Buccaneers

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots need to play like they did last week against the Titans in order to beat the Buccaneers.

Buccaneers are struggling but do have potential and every team will play New England hard.

But if Brady is sharp and the Defense holds together - this game they should win and I predict they will - by 14 points or more.

Hope I'm right I do!! You go boys!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Brady, Patriots Dominate

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots Dominated a win less Tennessee Titan team. It was the first time this year Brady looked completely back in form. It was the first time this year the Patriots looked like the Patriots.

They play sharp football like we are used to seeing them play. I was very surprised they played that well..............and very relieved.

It was especially great to see Tom Brady look comfortable once again. The Patriots defense looked very sharp as well. Hopefully they can continue with the same kind of momentum. They will have to in order to be successful because every team plays them hard.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Penn State Wins

Penn State beat the Gophers yesterday as they should have in what looked to be an easy win for Joe Paterno and the Lions.

But now we will see what the Lions and Paterno and Clark are really made of next Saturday when they face Michigan who always seems to give them a hard time. Penn State will NOT be over matched like they were against Minnesota.

Because of the strength of their opponent there will be more than Daryll Clark that will have to click in this game. He will have to play almost perfect. But even if he does and Penn States defense don't come up big - they could go down hard.

So the three factors that are key in order for Penn State to win are 1. Daryll Clark managing the game, making some big plays either with his legs and/or arm. 2. Can Penn State's defense stop Michigan? They have to come up big in order to win. 3. Offensive play calling has to be very creative against this Michigan coach. Penn State can't just ram it down their throat and come up with a win.

So let's see what happens - Go Penn State!!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Junior Seau To Come Back?

Junior Seau wants to play for the Patriots again and that's a shame. He's an old man for the NFL at this time. At one time he was the best at his position. But now he is unable to help the New England Patriots.

Tedi Bruschi understands the game and his body obviously Junior does not. This move will not benefit the New England Patriots.

Patriots VS The Titans

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots need to be ready for Titans who are win less so far.

But that's what makes them so dangerous in this game I think. They are a well coached team. Tom Brady has to play much better than last week and the Patriots defense cannot self-destruct or they could have big problems.

Let's go Pat's. Better not let this one slip away.

Big Day For Penn State

We will see again what Penn State is made of today as they face off with the Minnesota Gophers.

The Gophers lost to California and Wisconsin, the only two games that maybe they should have lost.

Once again a big day it is for Daryll Clark to prove himself as a true leader or a not so true leader. He is the captain who must win the game for Penn State if they are going to be successful. It's really on his shoulders in my humble opinion. If he has a good game then Joe Paterno and Penn State will win and if he throws interceptions and makes dumb decisions then they could lose.

But a game indeed they should win as far as match ups. Penn State has more talent than the Gophers.

Go get em boys.

Go Penn State!!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

What's Next For The Patriots?

Are the New England Patriots going to get mad now and dominate things? Or is it that they just don't have it this year?

Hopefully they will just be so mad and disgusted that they will win out the rest of their games. But maybe they just are not capable right now. There great offensive coordinator is in Denver, and Tom Brady does not look sharp at all right now.

I hope New England will really tighten things up now that they realize how quickly they could have a losing season if they don't play much better. The New England Patriots are classy, but are they a great team this year? I don't think we know that yet.

One thing is for sure if they play the Giants a wall they will run into. Of course the Colts are doing alright also. But the Giants scare me, I mean that is a dominate team right now. But then again I was not sure the Patriots would be able to beat the Ravens and they did.

And that's why we root for teams right?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Tom Brady And The Patriots Fall in OT

My prediction was correct to my disappointment. Tom Brady and the New England Patriots lose to the Denver Broncos in OT.

Tom Brady was not sharp at all the entire game, missing several open receivers including a wide open Randy Moss that would have been an easy touchdown. And in the fourth quarter Brady missed Wes Welker in stride for what would have looked to be a sure touchdown with a well thrown ball.

But the loss was complete team effort because the New England Defense self-destructed with some uncharacteristic penalties at critical times.

This was not the Patriot team we are used to seeing - a poor performing Tom Brady and dumb penalties form both sides of the ball.

Now about the Patriots defense: I think besides their stupid penalties they actually played very good. I think the Broncos have an offense that will give every defense trouble this year (except maybe the Giants if they play them). The Broncos offense is really much better than I expected really in my opinion being more than the Patriots defense can handle.

So back to Tom Brady - he played a poor game and the result was a loss. Enough said.

The season is far from over thank goodness.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Tom Brady and The Patriots

I want to be wrong about them losing tomorrow and hopefully I will be despite them losing Fred Tailor to ankle surgery.

Tom Brady and Bill Bilechik can prove anyone wrong. So I'm on board. Even though I do like the Broncos, I love the Patriots.

They can do it p- I believe!! Go prove me wrong boys.

Penn State Lions

The Penn State Lions and Joe Paterno are in complete control of Eastern Illinois in the beginning of the 3rd quarter. Penn State leads 38-0.

This score is to be expected by Penn State against a much weaker team. Daryll Clark is also playing more like we expect him to throwing 3 touchdown passes in the first half.

Beginning next week when Penn State Plays Minnesota the season will stay difficult and even get harder the following week at Michigan.

Joe Paterno has his work cut out for him. But they play the game for a reason. Paterno has a way of getting his team ready for the biggest games. So I wait with anticipation to see how the season unfolds.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Key Factor Josh McDaniels

If Josh Mc Daniels is calling the plays on Sunday for the Broncos I don't think the New England Patriots defense will do enough to win the game.

I predict they will lose this Sunday to my great disappointment.

Can The Patriots Do It Again?

Can the Patriots pull off another win against another undefeated team?

Complicating thing a bit is the fact that they will play against their former offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels who is not the Denver Broncos head coach.

He is a fantastic coach and is leading the Broncos well - needless to say. But Bill Bilechek knows him and taught him. So the Patriots have a good fighting chance to win this weeks game.

Tom Brady has to have a good game and continue his threads to Randy Moss and Wes Welker. And the New England Patriots Defense has to come up big just like they did last week against the Ravens. And most importantly, since I think this game is going to be played in Denver. They can't turn the ball over one time and they have a shot at this one.

It will be an exciting game to watch all the way around. But will the Patriots win? No one will know until they take the field on Sunday. And I can't wait.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Brady - Patriots Pull it Out!!

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots looked sharper than I expected and knocked off the undefeated Baltimore Ravens. As good as the Ravens were playing, I'm surprised they were able to pull it off to be honest. But I said they had to bring their "A" game to have a chance and that's exactly what they did. It was not perfect, but they were very sharp, played hard, and in the end made less mistakes than the Ravens.

Randy Moss scored his first touchdown reception of the season. Wes Welker caught several key balls and showed his usual productivity despite reports of his injury. I think Tom Brady completed passes to over 10 different players which is awesome.

The Patriots defense stepped up to the plate and stopped the Ravens short on two different 4th down plays. Then Mark Clayton dropped a ball that could have been important late in the 4th quarter to sort of seal the deal the New England.

A well fought game by two good teams back and forth it went. And in the end, the Ravens just make a few less plays than the New England Patriots.

Sometimes I Loooooooooove to be wrong!!!!

Great job guys, hopefully this will be a confidence booster.

How Will Tom Brady And The Patriots Fair?

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots better be ready like I discussed in my last post. The Ravens are not only undefeated, but they scored at least 30 points in their first three games.

Despite the awesome coaching and Tom Brady this game could actually be very ugly!!

Vince Wilfork there best defensive tackle and Wes Welker Tom Brady's go to guy underneath to set up the long ball are both at only 80% at best. So things are looking worse and worse to me. Unless someone steps up big, they could get beat bad.

Go get em Pats, but you better play your best game in a long time.

Penn State Wins!

Penn State beats Illinois yesterday and look impressive against an un-ranked team.

Daryll Clark even looked good coming off a terrible performance last week against Iowa. The running backs for Penn State were awesome. But then again, they were playing Illinois.

I'm still broken hearted about the loss last week. But Iowa is a really really good team there is no doubt about it!!

But hopefully this will get Penn State back on the right track because they still have to play Ohio State who have been hammering their opponents since their loss to USC and also Michigan who is playing much better than expected despite a first year coach.

So get ready Lions

Friday, October 2, 2009

Tom Brady and The Patriots Have their Hands Full Sunday

Tom Brady and The Patriots play the undefeated Ravens on Sunday at 1pm. At this point I don't think they are at all ready for a team playing as well as the Ravens.

As I say I love the New England Patriots, but think they will lose this Sunday and actually think they could lose pretty bad!

Hope I'm wrong I do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And with a determined Tom Brady and Bill B. anything is possible! They really could get outplayed on both sides of the ball on Sunday. If there was ever a time for their defense to mature and take charge of a game - Brady needs them to do it on Sunday.

If they don't the Patriots could be in some big trouble. Good luck fellows. You will need it.

Can Penn State Salvage The Season?

The loss against Iowa was just ugly. Will Penn State and Joe Paterno Rebound or not?

Easier said than done in my humble opinion with what I now think is a sub par quarterback in Clark at best and Ohio State beginning to crush everyone they face. The season could turn really ugly and really fast.

And if you think Illinois will be much easier away from happy valley - think again!!

Good Luck Boys!!