Monday, December 28, 2009

Messed up NFL!!

The NFL is all messed up right now. The teams who are supposed to have all the momentum going into the playoffs like the Saints, Colts and Vikings are sort of limping. Especially after the hideous Colts situation on Sunday for them to bench many of their starters to save them.

It's a crazy situation - the NFL mess. I was not sure my favorite team the New England Patriots and Tom Brady had much of a chance. But I'm glad I'm wrong. The reason I'm wrong is that they have some momentum right now. Of course they have to keep that momentum going next week against a very tough Texans team. But if they do then they can do some damage in the playoffs.

I also love the Eagles and Andy Reid, but they always seem to choke for some reason. And they almost blew their game against the Broncos...................that's bad!!

You have the three power house teams that we think of - (Vikings, Saints, and Colts), but the way other teams are coming on I'm not sure any of those teams will win the Superbowl.

I mean it's crazy - the playoff teams with the most momentum at this time are the Chargers who won about 10 games strait now, Arizona who is playing well, and Dallas. Green Bay is also playing good football, but I'm not sure they have what it takes yet to win the Superbowl.

Now the Cowboys play the Eagles next week so that could end Dallas' momentum, but that all depends which Eagles team shows up. Of course me being from outside Philly you know who I will be rooting for.

Another awesome match up will be Arizona at Green Bay next week. So one teams momentum will come to a screeching halt.

Then the Chargers play the Redskins so I don't think there will be any momentum slowing for the Chargers.

As far as the Big 3 I mentioned earlier there could be trouble for them also. The Viking play the Bears tonight at Soldier Field - could be interesting. But next week the Vikings play the Giants. And depending which Giants team shows up it could be very ugly for the Vikings.

The Saints play Carolina and once again which Carolina team will show up? Of course they lost their star receiver Sunday (Steve Smith) with a broken arm. (lucky for the Saints).

Another team I love is Cincinnati, I love Carson Palmer. But I don't thing they have the full package - especially defense to go all the way.

This is incredible really - because you can't count the Steelers out either if they make it to the playoffs.

But because of how hot they are I still have to go with the Chargers to win the Superbowl and I like them, their coach and Phillip Rivers. But my favorite team is the New England Patriots but I also like the Bengals, Arizona - love Kurt Warner, love the Eagles, I like the Saints. I sort of like the Viking also. I do like Brett Favre, I just hope he don't choke.

So there we have evaluation of the NFL mess.

Can't wait to see how it plays out!!

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