Friday, May 29, 2009

Penquins VS Redwings!!!!!!!!

I can't wait for this series to begin. It should be awesome NHL hockey at it's best!!

My prediction - Penguins in 6 games. Any thoughts?

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Best Running Backs Of All Time

In my humble opinion the two best running backs of all time by far were: Barry Sanders and Walter Payten. There were other great backs, but none come close to these because they did it all by themselves.

For example Emmit Smith was very good, but always had holes the size two mack trucks could drive through. Payten and Sanders NEVER had the blocking Emmit did.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Cant Wait Until the Hockey Game Tomorrow Night!!!!!!

Go Hurricanes, but sorry - this is probably the end of the road. It's just sad because they play so hard, but once again are out talented!!

But watch out for the deflections. You never know which way the puck will bounce but the star forward that plays aside of Crosby is on fire - OUCH for the Hurricanes.

Detroit vs Pittsburgh Again?

It looks like they will meet again for the Stanley Cup, but I have a feeling the Penguins will take the cup home this time around. But it's just my opinion. I love the NHL hockey playoffs!!!

Any Thoughts?

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Tom Brady

I cant wait to see how Tom Brady does this year coming back from a year off. I hope he does well, just like he used to. I think he is pure character.

Please Keep This Blog Clean!!!!!!!!!!

I love sports and love to discuss them, but we will NOT accept Foul language, hateful comments, racial comments or anything of the sort because 1. 12 year olds enjoy sports too and 2. My wife and I don't want to see cuss words on our blog.
Keep it strictly about sports and nothing else unless you have a prayer request or an inspiring story that will encourage EVERYONE.

Thank You all So much Billy and JaNel

My Favorite Sports

Hi this is Billy and my favorite sports include NHL hockey during the playoffs because that is when its most exciting. College football - I am a dedicated Penn State fan. Though during other games I might pick certain teams to root for. The NFL - I have now specific team, I like many teams - I more choose character players to root for instead of teams. But in both college and pro football I sometimes root for the underdog.
I rarely get into baseball except for the world series or NL/AL championship. And its the same way with basket ball. I don't really care about pro ball, and college I don't care about until the final 4.

And my first post is about how the Penguins are kicking the Hurricanes buts, and I don't like it because I think the hurricanes are playing harder, but just don't have the talent - like I said, I will root for the underdog often.