Sunday, November 29, 2009

Who Will Win The Patriots/Saints Game?

Who will with the Patriots/Saints game on Monday night?

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I already made my pick, but it's a tough call because the Saints will be ready.

The Patriots should win once again - the Saints are only rated 15 in passing offense and around 17 in total defense. So Tom Brady and the New England Patriots should have no problems scoring against the Saints.

But the Saints are number one in the NFL over all in total offense. So they will also score.

Either way, it should be an awesome game. I'm excited for both teams. One thing the analysts said was that Tom Brady is very used to big games like this and nothing could be further form the truth. He had so many big games against the Colts and of course Super Bowls.

Friday, November 27, 2009

My Anticipation is Building To See The Saints/Patriots Game

I can't wait to see Tom Brady and the New England Patriots Play the Saints on Monday night. I'm getting really excited.

I wrote in an earlier post that it was too soon to pick a winner but for me that has changed.

I think the Patriots will win 31 - 28. Drew Breeze is hot and the Saints will score points, but the New England Patriots will score more. I think there will be an upset during this game.

There are several keys to the game. First and foremost is the play of Tom Brady and the play calling which are equally important. I think the Saints will be tough to run against so the play calling has to keep the Saints defense way off balance with different types of pass plays like the shovel pass, screens, and quick out passes. And of course Tom Brady has to play his "A" game for all of this to succeed.

Second, in a big game like this I have to bring up special teams once again. The Patriots have to dominate special teams in this game and allow no big plays from the Saints.

Finally, the defense has to play smart. First try not to break, we know they will bend because they are playing one of the hottest offenses in the league right now. So we know the Saints are going to score, but the Pats defense needs to be tough especially in the red zone. Second, the defense really has to be careful of both stupid penalties and long pass interference penalties because it's at New Orleans.

But I'm really excited because I think these things will come together and the New England Patriots will upset the Saints Monday night. I think that Tom Brady will have one of his best games of the season. I am concerned about the play calling - it really has to be changed up this week.

And I love Drew Breeze, he is a classy guy and an awesome quarterback but I like the patriots a little more. So Go New England!!!

Billy Damore

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Turkey Day!!!!!!!! And Footbal Too!!!!

Well It does not look like the Lions can hold up their winning Thanksgiving tradition.

The Raiders will be ready for the Cowboys. But in Dallas the Cowboys will probably win much to my chagrin because I really like the Eagles (not as much as the Patriots of course). But I think if Andy Reid had Tom Brady instead of the quarter back he has they would have won 3 Super Bowls in the last 10 years.

Andy Reid is so under rated.

And of course for the same reason I will be rooting against the Giants tonight. But this one should be the best and most entertaining game of the day.

Enjoy them all today and be thankful.................

Monday, November 23, 2009

New England Takes Care Of Jets: Now face Biggest Test

The Patriots played well today as I thought they would.

The defense is still a huge concern for down the road, and down the road happens to be next Monday night.

The New England Patriots and Tom Brady will play the Saints who are not only undefeated, but deservedly so.

This will be the ultimate test so far for the entire team, but especially their defense. I hate to say this, but it will be interesting to see if the Pats can hold them to under 30 points.

Time will tell right?

It should be one exciting game. I give no quick predictions on this one.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

New England Plays a Good Jets Team Today

Tom Brady and The New England Patriots play a good jets team today and should win.

If the Patriots and Brady play as well as they did last week against the Colts. They are sure to win the football game today.

That is unless
Bill Belichick has another short circuit in his brain like last week...............just kidding. Many people would look at like that, but I don't thing it was a bad decision myself. The running back who was it Faulk? needs to go down field one or two yard further.

So if they play as good as they did last week. The Patriots really should win the game. The Jets are good, but they are struggling right now with some things.

The keys today's game are 1. turnovers 2. special teams and 3. Randy Moss coming off a spectacular game against the Colts.

My pick - the Patriots win 38-17 if they don't turn the ball over.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Penn State Handles Michigan State Easily

Joe Paterno and The Penn State Lions easily beat the Michigan State Spartans as they should have.

It was a solid game for them and a good end to the regular season.

I'm not sure who they will play yet in a bowl game, but rest assured that Joe Paterno will have them ready and that is comforting.

But I hope every Big 10 team wins their game this year. It would all make Penn State look stronger.

Penn State Vs Michigan State

Joe Paterno and The Penn State Lions will face Michigan State today to end the season.

Penn State should beat Michigan State rather easily. But they better be ready and not turn the ball over. Because Michigan State has surprised good Penn State teams and Joe Paterno in prior years.

Michigan State has a swarming defense that is quick to the ball. And if you give them momentum, it usually swings BIG.

So play sound, smart and hard football Lions and you will win today to close out the regular schedule.

You wont be Big 10 champs, you won't play for the national championship, but you could play in a descent bowl game.

Bowl games are really all that Penn State and the Big 10 have left this season. And for the Big 10, they better perform will in all of them. They need to fair a lot better than they have in the last year or two.

But this could be the year that they really do.

Go Penn State!!! Go Big 10!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tom Brady and The New England Patriots Lose In Odd Fashion

The Colts were out played and out smarted....................that is until just over two minutes in the game when the Patriots decided to go for it on 4th and 2 on their own 30 yard line.

It was a great play, and a good call in that situation........................if they would have made it. But they did not make it and Peyton Manning had the Colts in the end zone in about 3 plays.

A stunning loss indeed. Speechless I am. The Patriots played a great game I thought. One in my prior post I predicted they would win - and should have.

The team was clicking well. And for that reason I really don't think Bill Bellech's call was really terrible. But it just looks that way because it did not work.

I don't think the Patriots are Superbowl contenders because of their defense, and special teams. But deep into the playoffs they still could go.

High hopes I still have for the Patriots, but must almost win out the rest of the season and go into the play offs with tons of momentum. This one point loss was heartbreaking, but it's now time to move on.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

New England Partiots Winning 10-7 during 2nd quarter in tough game against the Colts.

Go Pats.

Friday, November 13, 2009

My Prediction About The New England Patriots Could Be Wrong

Will the Patriots Really Win?

I'm starting to doubt my prediction. This will be a really tough game for them.

The Colts defense is really banged up, but they still are one of the toughest and best in the league.

The New England Patriots defense is going to have to play super well or the Patriots will lose.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Penn State Loses Huge Game to Ohio State

Joe Paterno and the Penn State Lions lose a really tough game to Ohio State on Sat.

I went over the keys to Penn State winning the game and they were almost all up to par, but Ohio State was just the tougher and better team on Sat.

Penn State did not make many mistakes, they did not have many penalties and Daryll Clark did manage the game pretty well.

I think he could have made a few more plays, but the play calling was not diverse enough and the special teams play did not make up for anything. Penn State played tough, but were just outmatched.

And it's a shame because this was the big one. Especially with Iowa losing. It seems they just can't win when they need to most lately.

Penn State should run the table, but it is almost meaningless except for where they could stand with a bowl game.

New England Wins Against Good Dolphins Team

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots beat a much improved Dolphin Team.

The Miami Dolphins played the Patriots tough but it was a great divisional win for the Patriots who will play their toughest game of the season on Monday night when they battle the Colt and Payton Manning.

The Colts are undefeated so far this year but the Patriots are not intimidated. I correctly predicted a Patriots loss to the Broncos hoping I would be wrong so bad. Now I'm predicting a win by the New England 28 - 27 and praying I am right.

The key to the game will be their defense. New England's Defense must step up to the challenge and stop or "slow down" the Colts Offense if they want a chance to win.

Good luck Guys.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Huge game for the Patriots

This is a huge game for the New England Patriots and Tom Brady. This divisional game they could actually lose if they are looking ahead to the Colts.

The Miami Dolphins are playing good football on both sides at this time. So they could be tough to beat if the Patriots don't play well.

The Pats defense has to be very solid in order for them to win. I think the Patriots defense will be the key to the game. And of course, protecting Tom Brady.

The games big either way!!

Todays is the BIg One For Penn State

Joe Paterno and the Penn State Lions Will Face Their most difficult opponent thus far.

This is a huge game for the Lions. Ohio State is a good team with a lot of confidence. They either seem to have a great performance or do very poorly. But realizing who they are up against I expect them to play very well today against Penn State.

Once again there are several keys to the game. And one of them is Daryll Clark he has to manage the game with precision and he cannot turn the ball over. If he does they will lose.

Along with Daryll Clark playing well, their offensive line has to give him a little time as Ohio State is a good pass rush team. And the offensive play calling must be diverse.

No dumb penalties. There defense must play sound and make one or two big plays without being penalized.

Last but not least Penn State must shine on special teams. Their special teams must outplay Ohio States Special teams.

If these things happen, Penn State will win, if they don't happen they won't win. It's just that simple.

Go Jo Pa, Go Penn State!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Penn State Beats Northwestern

Penn State beat Northwesters football team Sat. but the first half was ugly.

Penn State and Joe Paterno managed a comeback in the second half when they took control of the ball game the way they should have in the first half.

It was not clean or crisp in the first half, but in the second half. They finally woke up on both sides of the ball.

Next week when they play Ohio State, Penn State better be awake from the first kick-off and their special teams play better be much improved also.

Ohio State is either blowing teams out or having bad games and losing. I think they will continue to roll. The Big ten I think is relatively week this year, Penn State should be un-defeated except for a blocked punt by Iowa.

I sadly predict that Penn State will blow it next week and Happy Valley won't be happy at all. Based on big game performances by Daryll Clark and the way Penn State begun against Northwestern I predict Ohio State will win 28-10. Penn State will turn the ball over, the play calling will be poor and Daryll Clark will make poor decisions.

I hope I'm wrong - Pleeeeeeaaaaaase prove me wrong boys. Go Penn State!!