Sunday, December 6, 2009

My Worries Confirmed today As Brady, Patriots lose to Dolphins

I predicted this in my last post, but certainly did not want it to become a reality - Tom Brady and the New England Patriots Lose to the Miami Dolphins 21-22.

What a blow!! But like I said in my last post, the loss against the Saints I think bothered them and then I think this really started when the Patriots lost to the Colts so late in the game. Usually Tom Brady and the Patriots are the team that finds a way to win in the last two minutes of the game.

So the last couple of weeks have been really tough mentally and emotionally on the Pats.

I hope they can recover. But I'm not sure they will - at least no this year.

Chad Henne played more than an efficient game against a Bilichik defense.

The Patriots play the Panthers in New England next week and you never know what you will get from the Panthers. But if the Panthers play a great game, especially defensively and the Patriots play poor then it could be another loss.

After the Panthers, Brady and the Patriots finish out the season against the Bills, Jaguars and Texans.

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