Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Time to Talk NFL Playoffs!

Well it's time to discuss NFL playoffs. There are some really exciting thing going on right now.

The Saints should run the table now and go undefeated. The Colts will also go undefeated IF they beat the Jaguars tomorrow night and if they don't sit all their starters out.

But what else is happening? Here are some teams that could win the Superbowl if they don't choke and lay an egg. The Vikings can absolutely win it all because they are awesome!!! Whether or not they win it all depends on one thing alone - Brett Favre. The Eagles have a shot at going deep into the playoffs. The Chargers could win it all if they don't lay an egg. The Saints could also win the entire thing.

Ad for my Patriots? well I don't think they are Superbowl bound this year. But who knows what will happen once they get into the playoffs with the experience they have. I also love the Eagles, Saints, Chargers, and Vikings. I don't think the Colts will win the Superbowl - they will choke.

It's really any ones victory for the taking I think. Even the Cardinals can't be counted out of going deep into the playoffs.

So I'm very excited about what's going and can't wait until the playoffs begin. I think Brett Favre will blow it eventually. But watch out for the Saints, Chargers, and Eagles.

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