Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Brady, Patriots Battle the Carolina Panthers

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots Battle the Carolina Panthers in New England this week.

Unfortunately nothing is certain at this time as interesting as curious as that might sound. No player on the Patriots Team has been great except for maybe

But the Patriots are just not that good this season. Tom Brady has missed some big passes and some big reads. The defense has not come up big when they had to most. Special teams have not been very special. The play calling at times has been atrocious. Tom Brady has not had very good protection and they can't always run the ball.

Not a good recipe indeed.

I do think they will beat the Panthers this week and hopefully beat them bad enough they will have something to build on to start gaining momentum - something the Patriots desperately need right now.

No matter how well the Panthers play, even if they bring their A game (and they are capable of playing really good football) the Patriots have to beat them. If they don't, they can hang this season up. Not literally, but morally and emotionally.

I was hoping that after one or two of their losses that they would get mad and run the table this year. I it obvious I hoped for it too too long and it just won't happen - at least not this year.

But time will tell. As it stands the Pats are playoff bound, so that in itself is good news.

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