Thursday, December 31, 2009

Patriots VS Texans

Cant wait to see Tom Brady and the Patriots in action again against the Texans. I trust with their momentum, Brady and the Pats will do very well. And they need to because they really need the momentum going into the playoffs.

Go Patriots and Tom Brady.

Awesome Big 10 Footbal

So happy about Wisconsin's performance against the Miami Hurricanes. That was so so awesome. I had no idea what was going to happen that game. But It's a great start for the Big 10 Football conference.

But the tests are only going to get more difficult tomorrow with Ohio State and Penn State both playing tough teams.

Joe Paterno and Penn State plays LSU who is relentless. But I'm not fond of them and especially since they are playing the Lions.

Go Penn State!! And I'm of course rooting for Ohio State also and I thing they play Oregon who had a great season. Now as far as I'm concerned, this game all depends on which Ohio State team shows up. They can beat Oregon pretty bad if they bring their A game. But if they don't, the could get a good old fashion whipping.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Wisconsin VS Miami

I cant wait until the game tonight between Wisconsin and Miami. I'm a HUGE Big 10 fan and I hope they win them all this year which is sort of unlikely but I can't wait until tonight.

My heart belongs to Penn State, but I'm rooting for all of the Big 10 Teams. They all have class, they play classy. No they are not perfect, but they don't take many stupid penalties and they play hard football.

So I'm really excited about the opportunity for Wisconsin to beat up on Miami tonight because this is the first Big 10 bowl game and no one thinks they will win.

Go Big 10. Is anyone else behind me?

Bears Beat Vikings in OT

The Vikings Continue to lose momentum for the playoffs as they lose to the Bears in OT last night.

At this rate I really don't think they will go to far into the playoffs unless things really turn around. But time will tell.

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots are one team with momentum at this time. I just hope they don't mess around with the Texans but they beat them with authority. And if they lose by some chance - that will be really bad.

The Texans are a team that has some very dangerous players and the Patriots will have to play well to beat them.

I think Tom Brady and the Patriots are up for the challenge.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Messed up NFL!!

The NFL is all messed up right now. The teams who are supposed to have all the momentum going into the playoffs like the Saints, Colts and Vikings are sort of limping. Especially after the hideous Colts situation on Sunday for them to bench many of their starters to save them.

It's a crazy situation - the NFL mess. I was not sure my favorite team the New England Patriots and Tom Brady had much of a chance. But I'm glad I'm wrong. The reason I'm wrong is that they have some momentum right now. Of course they have to keep that momentum going next week against a very tough Texans team. But if they do then they can do some damage in the playoffs.

I also love the Eagles and Andy Reid, but they always seem to choke for some reason. And they almost blew their game against the Broncos...................that's bad!!

You have the three power house teams that we think of - (Vikings, Saints, and Colts), but the way other teams are coming on I'm not sure any of those teams will win the Superbowl.

I mean it's crazy - the playoff teams with the most momentum at this time are the Chargers who won about 10 games strait now, Arizona who is playing well, and Dallas. Green Bay is also playing good football, but I'm not sure they have what it takes yet to win the Superbowl.

Now the Cowboys play the Eagles next week so that could end Dallas' momentum, but that all depends which Eagles team shows up. Of course me being from outside Philly you know who I will be rooting for.

Another awesome match up will be Arizona at Green Bay next week. So one teams momentum will come to a screeching halt.

Then the Chargers play the Redskins so I don't think there will be any momentum slowing for the Chargers.

As far as the Big 3 I mentioned earlier there could be trouble for them also. The Viking play the Bears tonight at Soldier Field - could be interesting. But next week the Vikings play the Giants. And depending which Giants team shows up it could be very ugly for the Vikings.

The Saints play Carolina and once again which Carolina team will show up? Of course they lost their star receiver Sunday (Steve Smith) with a broken arm. (lucky for the Saints).

Another team I love is Cincinnati, I love Carson Palmer. But I don't thing they have the full package - especially defense to go all the way.

This is incredible really - because you can't count the Steelers out either if they make it to the playoffs.

But because of how hot they are I still have to go with the Chargers to win the Superbowl and I like them, their coach and Phillip Rivers. But my favorite team is the New England Patriots but I also like the Bengals, Arizona - love Kurt Warner, love the Eagles, I like the Saints. I sort of like the Viking also. I do like Brett Favre, I just hope he don't choke.

So there we have evaluation of the NFL mess.

Can't wait to see how it plays out!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Chargers Charging into Playoffs

The Sandiego Chargers beat the Titans bad on Christmas.

The Chargers are one team who is charging into the playoffs while other teams are limping in like the Vikings and Colts. Even thought the Colts are undefeated, they still are not pounding their teams into the ground.

Tom Brady and my New England Patriots are not exactly setting the world on fire either. In the playoffs they will be, but they are not Charging in like some other teams.

But there are still two games left for most teams. So some of the playoff teams can still go in with incredible momentum. I'm excited and look forward to what lies ahead in the next couple of week.

And I will also discuss some of the big bowl games. Like Penn State and LSU and the Ohio State Game. Of course I'm a big 10 fan. Then there is the national championship game between Alabama and Texas. I don't think it will be close. I'm going on record. I think Alabama will beat Texas up pretty bad.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

New England Patriots play the Jaguars

The New England Patriots will pay their last home game of the season this year when they face the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday.

If they win Sunday they will clinch the AFC East divisional title.

Nothing is coming easy for the Patriots this year including last weeks win against Buffalo by less than 10 points.

You can sort of sense the frustration on Tom Brady sometimes. I just hope they can win these last two games with lots of momentum going into the playoffs. They need to stay healthy, especially Brady and Welker and they need to get Randy Moss fired up.

And once they get into the playoffs anything can happen really. But first they have to take care of the Jaguars and then the Texans.

Looking forward to the next couple of weeks of some great football.

NFL Excitement

The Giants scared me all year even though they were not doing very well. And Monday night is the reason why.

Even though the Redskins are not a very good team. The Giants rush defense can't be stopped when they get mad.

What's going on with Vikings? Is Favre going to choke again? Like he has in recent post seasons?

Are the Saints all that we thought they were? I'm not so sure at this time.

Are the Eagles ready to take it the distance finally? Or will Mccnab mess things up when it really matters?

And what about the Colts? Who knows.

My pick right now for the Superbowl winner is the Chargers. They are hot right now.

But well soon see right?

And I love the Bengals, but it don't seem like they have what it takes.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Big Day in the NFL - Billy's Picks

Lots of big games today. I'm excited to see. I hope the Patriots and Tom Brady play very well at the Bills.

The rest of Billy's Picks:

Arizona over Detroit
Houston over St. Louis
The Brown to Squeak one out over the Chiefs
The New York Jets over the Falcons
Denver beats Oak.
The Bengals will lose to the Chargers (and I hate to see either team lose)
Phil. over the niners (I hope)
Se hawks over Tampa Bay
Chicago over Baltimore
Steelers over Green bay
The Bears will beat the Ravens
the vikings will beat Carolina and
the Redskins might surprise the Giants.

The Cowboy/Saints game shocked me!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Billys Pick for tonights Saints/Cowboys game.

I think the Saints will win this game tonight. I do think it will be close, but the Saints will come out on top. 34-27.

Cant wait to see it!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Time to Talk NFL Playoffs!

Well it's time to discuss NFL playoffs. There are some really exciting thing going on right now.

The Saints should run the table now and go undefeated. The Colts will also go undefeated IF they beat the Jaguars tomorrow night and if they don't sit all their starters out.

But what else is happening? Here are some teams that could win the Superbowl if they don't choke and lay an egg. The Vikings can absolutely win it all because they are awesome!!! Whether or not they win it all depends on one thing alone - Brett Favre. The Eagles have a shot at going deep into the playoffs. The Chargers could win it all if they don't lay an egg. The Saints could also win the entire thing.

Ad for my Patriots? well I don't think they are Superbowl bound this year. But who knows what will happen once they get into the playoffs with the experience they have. I also love the Eagles, Saints, Chargers, and Vikings. I don't think the Colts will win the Superbowl - they will choke.

It's really any ones victory for the taking I think. Even the Cardinals can't be counted out of going deep into the playoffs.

So I'm very excited about what's going and can't wait until the playoffs begin. I think Brett Favre will blow it eventually. But watch out for the Saints, Chargers, and Eagles.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Week 14 in the NFL - Exciting!

This is an exciting week in the NFL. I'm really excited about it.

The Patriots SHOULD beat the Panthers. The Saints and Colts will have tough games from here on out just because every team will be attempting to prevent an undefeated season. But for today the Colts could have it tough because the Broncos should be ready.

Some very exciting games today should be the Bengals vs Vikings, Chargers vs Cowboys, and the Giants vs Eagles. These all should be great games. But the most exciting game of the 3 will be the Chargers/Cowboys game.

So who will win today? Here are my picks for a few games.

1. Saints (the Falcons don't stand a chance)
2. Broncos (my surprise pick)
3. Chargers (this will tell what Dallas is made of)
4. Giants (I love the Eagles and Andy Reid, but because of their quarterback they always find a way to either lose or not win and I hope I eat my words)
5. Bengals and Vikings - should be more exciting than people think anyone smell an upset????????

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tom Brady - Not Practicing: Finger, Rib Injury and Shoulder Injury

Tom Brady has not practiced for two days straight now because of finger, rib and shoulder injuries according to reports.

This certainly is bad news for the New England Patriots when they battle the Panthers on Sunday. After New England came off of two tough losses in the last 3 weeks this has to be discouraging for everyone.

I think Tom Brady will play, but if he does, his timing could be off and performance could lack. The rest of the team is aware of this and this situation could be very draining emotionally for them.

Yes they are professionals. But this can't be easy on anyone.

If Tom Brady does play, the New England Patriots team could get emotionally charged enough to put together a nice win behind him even if, and especially if they realize he is not 100%.

But there is still Friday and Saturday to see what will happen with the Patriots leader Tom Brady.

So only time will tell.

Brady and his wife, Gisele Bundchen did have a baby boy on Tuesday. So he probably missed some practice on Tuesday also, but rightfully so - he should be with his wife and new son during that time.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Brady, Patriots Battle the Carolina Panthers

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots Battle the Carolina Panthers in New England this week.

Unfortunately nothing is certain at this time as interesting as curious as that might sound. No player on the Patriots Team has been great except for maybe

But the Patriots are just not that good this season. Tom Brady has missed some big passes and some big reads. The defense has not come up big when they had to most. Special teams have not been very special. The play calling at times has been atrocious. Tom Brady has not had very good protection and they can't always run the ball.

Not a good recipe indeed.

I do think they will beat the Panthers this week and hopefully beat them bad enough they will have something to build on to start gaining momentum - something the Patriots desperately need right now.

No matter how well the Panthers play, even if they bring their A game (and they are capable of playing really good football) the Patriots have to beat them. If they don't, they can hang this season up. Not literally, but morally and emotionally.

I was hoping that after one or two of their losses that they would get mad and run the table this year. I it obvious I hoped for it too too long and it just won't happen - at least not this year.

But time will tell. As it stands the Pats are playoff bound, so that in itself is good news.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

My Worries Confirmed today As Brady, Patriots lose to Dolphins

I predicted this in my last post, but certainly did not want it to become a reality - Tom Brady and the New England Patriots Lose to the Miami Dolphins 21-22.

What a blow!! But like I said in my last post, the loss against the Saints I think bothered them and then I think this really started when the Patriots lost to the Colts so late in the game. Usually Tom Brady and the Patriots are the team that finds a way to win in the last two minutes of the game.

So the last couple of weeks have been really tough mentally and emotionally on the Pats.

I hope they can recover. But I'm not sure they will - at least no this year.

Chad Henne played more than an efficient game against a Bilichik defense.

The Patriots play the Panthers in New England next week and you never know what you will get from the Panthers. But if the Panthers play a great game, especially defensively and the Patriots play poor then it could be another loss.

After the Panthers, Brady and the Patriots finish out the season against the Bills, Jaguars and Texans.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Who Will Joe Paterno And The Penn State Lions Face in A Bowl Game?

I can't wait to see who the Lions of Penn state and Joe Paterno will face in a bowl game.

No matter who it is Joe Paterno will have them ready now. So I'm very excited to see who it will be no matter what.

Of course it won't be for a national title. It seems they can't go undefeated lately. Although Ohio State was the better team I think. I believe they should have beaten Iowa for sure.

That's my humble opinion.

And I can't wait to see the Florida and Alabama game today. Wow!! It should be awesome.
I never liked Alabama much, but they are a good football team. And Tim Tebow and the Florida Gators will have their hands plenty full today.

I really think this one is a toss up - it could go either way. But I root for Florida because I love Tim Tebow's character.

And of course Penn State will not be playing for a national title.

Tom Brady - New England Patriots to Face Another Tough Game

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots will face another very tough game when they take the field on Sunday afternoon.

The Miami Dolphins are playing really tough football right now and I'm not sure the Patriots will win this game at Miami.

The Saints played good, but is that how good the Saints were or are the Patriots not as good as we thought?

As tough as the Dolphins are playing I might go out on a limb and say they will beat Tom Brady and the Patriots.

The Patriots had a short week because of playing on Monday night, they are in Miami, and the Dolphins are playing really really tough right now.

And it's very interesting two Michigan State quarterbacks will be facing off against one another in Chad Henne vs Tom Brady.

I really don't know if the Patriots can pull it out after such a tough loss to the Saints last week. I'm hoping they will, but they will have to play one awesome divisional game on Sunday.

There will be 3 keys to this game 1. Protect Tom Brady 2. No fumbles and 3. The New England Defense must dominate or we can forget it.

Gentleman, leave everything on the field..................your going to have to.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thank you for voting on my blog about the Patriots and Saints game!!! Yes............I was wrong indeed.

Tom Brady, New England Patriots Break Down

The Patriots broke my heart Monday night.

My prediction was clearly wrong. The Patriots and Tom Brady were not ready to play. And the Saints were more than ready. They played awesome.

Drew Breeze was extremely accurate we are aware, but I can't believe how fast he got rid of the ball. That was amazing.

The Patriots defense (what I worry about) did not play well. There seems to be no play makers on their defense like there was a short few years ago like Tedi Bruschi, there awesome corner back who retired and also the lineman they traded to the Raiders.

They don't have a play maker who can turn the game around on defense yet. Or the person has not come forth yet.

But it was sad to see the Patriots getting beat so badly.