Saturday, October 30, 2010

You Go Penn State!!

It looks like Penn State and Joe Paterno will hold off Michigan thanks to one of the best running backs in the country (Royster) and their back up quarterback Matt McGloin who I thought played an awesome game against what is somewhat of a mediocre Michigan pass defense.  

None the less, Penn States offense who struggled all year seemed to have a spark in it tonight which was not there in the first half of the season.  

So I'm very excited for the Lions Offense, Joe Paterno and Matt McGloin the back up quarterback as well as Royster who played a heck of a game.  

As for Penn States Defense - well they did what they had to do, but I was very disappointed all in all.  They certainly did not "shut things down" as I like to put it, but a win is a win barring a miracle and I'm happy about that because the schedule still won't get any easier.  Next week they play Northwestern followed by Ohio State!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Penn State and Joe Paterno Plays Michigan

So who's it going to be?  Joe Paterno and Penn State?  or the Michigan?  I'm not sure Penn State is ready for Michigan yet who are 5-2.  But in all honesty their schedule has been quite easy until the last two games to Michigan State and Iowa and they lost both of them.  But they were close.  

I'm worried about both sides of the ball for Joe Paterno and Penn State.  The young quarterback is still young for Penn State and I've questioned some of the play calling this year.  

As far as Penn States Defense - I have much more confidence in them than I do the offense at this time.  But they have much pressure on them in order for them to win this game tomorrow night.  

Game time is at 8PM EST.  Feel free to chat on my blog with each other while you are watching the game.  I may not get it in my area I will have to check.  

Go Penn State Lions and go Joe Paterno!!!

Tom Brady and The New England Win and Now Face Randy Moss, Vikings

This should be an interesting game.  One I don't think the Patriots will win if the Vikings throw the ball to Randy Moss and keep things simple.  Simplicity is all the Vikings might need with a talent like Moss unless he is double covered all day and I mean every play.  

As for the Patriots Defense, recently they have risen to the occasion but can they do it again?  Yes.  But will they?  No.  

I sadly pick the Vikings in this one barring they don't turn the ball over because the Patriots and Tom Brady are masters at capitalizing on other teams mistakes.  

I hope I'm wrong.  But can't wait to see how it will turn out.  And I can't wait to see how Randy Moss will do.  It should be a really fun game to watch. The game is Sunday at 4:15 in New England.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tom Brady and The New England Might Lose But Hopefully the Jets Will Too

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots might not be able to beat the Raven tomorrow despite an extra week of preparation.  The Raven defense is to strong and their offense is too talented for Brady and the Pats.  

The only good news is Tom Brady and the Patriots know how to win close ones and the Ravens seem to be in a lot of close games.  And the other good news is that the Jets stand a chance to lose also playing the Denver Broncos because their head coach is awesome.  I would be pleased if the Jets lose even though it's not a division game.  But if neither of the above happen Tom Brady and the Patriots could be in a world of hurt for the rest of the season both morally and literally.  

Another team I'm routing for is the Philadelphia Eagles who play the Falcons.  It will be a tough game for the Eagles who's defense has fallen apart lately.  But they only lost their two games by a total of 12 points.  That's not bad.  If Andy Reid only had a good quarterback who was steady.  

And the Eagles are in one of if not the toughest division there is.  But we will know the outcome of these things later today. 

Friday, October 15, 2010

Remainder of Season Looking Dim for Joe Paterno and Penn State

Joe Paterno and Penn State get a much needed bye this week before they play the Minnesota Gophers on Oct.  23.   

The Gophers record overall is 1-5 - just a little better than the Lions.  It's going to be the easiest game Penn State has the rest of the year before things get really really tough for them.  

They might no win another game this year after Minnesota - if they beat them.  And if they don't, it will be one of the worst seasons Joe Paterno ever had as Penn States head coach.  

After Minnesota Penn State plays North Western who are 5-1, Illinois who are 3-2 and no slouch, Ohio State and Michigan State who both are undefeated and might stay that way because they don't play each other in the conference this year.  

It's heart breaking but just the way things are.  Penn State don't have this awesome defense they once had and if they did I think they actually could move the ball with out too much problem. 

But things don't look good in the immediate future and I hope I'm wrong.  Capable of pulling an upset they are indeed.  But the Penn State Lions need to be "the Lions"

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Jets Win Again Placing More pressure on Tom Brady and The Pats

The New York Jets win again placing more pressure on the New England Patriots and Tom Brady to win this coming week.  

The Jets are good and I'll be honest - they really concern me even though it's early in the season.  But right now is not the play offs I realize this.  However, I really don't want to see Tom Brady and the Patriots meeting the Jets during the play offs.  

I don't think the Patriots will win.  Tom Brady had a tough time with the Jets the first time they played when it was all said and done and they may not change a whole lot - especially with Randy Moss out of the picture.  

As I always say, time will tell.  But So far I'm disappointed with the looks of things for the Patriots and Brady.

But I will hope on!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Tom Brady and The New England Patriots Have a Bye This Sunday

Tom Brady and The New England Patriots Have a Bye This Sunday but then they play the Baltimore Ravens who are always tough.  

Beat them I think Tom Brady and the Patriots will - sure about this I am not.  Hopefully the bye week will help the Patriots and not hurt them.  

The Ravens don't score many points, but they don't have to because their defense is still so dominant.  Can Tom Brady and the Patriots continue to score lots of points against this powerful defense?  

And will the Patriots defense rise to the occasion?  Time will tell.  

Until then I hope so bad that the Jets lose.  And it's possible, after all the Ravens beat them. 

Penn State - Ugh What is Happening to You?

Penn State is just totally falling apart.  No offense, no defense.  

I don't understand what is happening.  They are getting worse.  Remember those defenses Penn State Had.  The ones that shut everyone down?  Where they now?  Now they don't shut Anybody down.  It's so hard to watch them get run over by sub par teams (and good teams).

I will keep routing for our Penn State but my goodness.  This could be a losing season.  I mean the toughest part of their schedule is still to come.  This could be really ugly by the end of the season for Penn State and Joe Paterno.

I know starting the season IN Alabama did not help things along, but they are the number one team in the country at this time.  

You go boys.  And Joe Paterno - Penn State footbali needs your wisdom legend.

Penn State is Slumping Indeed - Illinois is Next!!

I can't believe Penn State and Joe Paterno lost as bad to Iowa as they did Alabama.  It's a disgrace.  Iowa is good, but is Penn State that bad?

Well they play Illinois tomorrow so if they don't have their act together they won't win that either.  Illinois is no roll over any more.  

OK Lions, you have to do some damage if you want any respect this season.  Oh, and now I'm routing for SC against Alabama so Ohio State might #1 - but can they stay there?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tom Brady and The New England Patriots Control Dolphins, Trade Moss - What's Next?

I'm so glad to see a win by Tom Brady and the Patriots because it seems that the Jets have their number this year.

I think the Jets are that good and I also don't think that the Patriots will beat them this year after seeing the two play the first time.  But only time will tell.  

In the meantime.  One of the best receivers in the game has been traded to the Vikings.  This won't help Tom Brady and the Patriots a lick in my opinion.  

I'm afraid if the Patriots make it into the playoffs this year that they won't go very far.  And one of the biggest problems is their defense - my largest concern for the past couple of years continues.  

But with Randy Moss gone I'm not sure what they really have any more.  It's a shame because Tom Brady is still the best quarterback in the game in my opinion, but he won't be forever.  And it seems like it's taking the Patriots "forever" to get their act together for him and for me - LOL - (the fans). 

So no one knows whats next - except time.