Saturday, October 30, 2010

You Go Penn State!!

It looks like Penn State and Joe Paterno will hold off Michigan thanks to one of the best running backs in the country (Royster) and their back up quarterback Matt McGloin who I thought played an awesome game against what is somewhat of a mediocre Michigan pass defense.  

None the less, Penn States offense who struggled all year seemed to have a spark in it tonight which was not there in the first half of the season.  

So I'm very excited for the Lions Offense, Joe Paterno and Matt McGloin the back up quarterback as well as Royster who played a heck of a game.  

As for Penn States Defense - well they did what they had to do, but I was very disappointed all in all.  They certainly did not "shut things down" as I like to put it, but a win is a win barring a miracle and I'm happy about that because the schedule still won't get any easier.  Next week they play Northwestern followed by Ohio State!!

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