Friday, October 15, 2010

Remainder of Season Looking Dim for Joe Paterno and Penn State

Joe Paterno and Penn State get a much needed bye this week before they play the Minnesota Gophers on Oct.  23.   

The Gophers record overall is 1-5 - just a little better than the Lions.  It's going to be the easiest game Penn State has the rest of the year before things get really really tough for them.  

They might no win another game this year after Minnesota - if they beat them.  And if they don't, it will be one of the worst seasons Joe Paterno ever had as Penn States head coach.  

After Minnesota Penn State plays North Western who are 5-1, Illinois who are 3-2 and no slouch, Ohio State and Michigan State who both are undefeated and might stay that way because they don't play each other in the conference this year.  

It's heart breaking but just the way things are.  Penn State don't have this awesome defense they once had and if they did I think they actually could move the ball with out too much problem. 

But things don't look good in the immediate future and I hope I'm wrong.  Capable of pulling an upset they are indeed.  But the Penn State Lions need to be "the Lions"

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