Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tom Brady and The New England Patriots Control Dolphins, Trade Moss - What's Next?

I'm so glad to see a win by Tom Brady and the Patriots because it seems that the Jets have their number this year.

I think the Jets are that good and I also don't think that the Patriots will beat them this year after seeing the two play the first time.  But only time will tell.  

In the meantime.  One of the best receivers in the game has been traded to the Vikings.  This won't help Tom Brady and the Patriots a lick in my opinion.  

I'm afraid if the Patriots make it into the playoffs this year that they won't go very far.  And one of the biggest problems is their defense - my largest concern for the past couple of years continues.  

But with Randy Moss gone I'm not sure what they really have any more.  It's a shame because Tom Brady is still the best quarterback in the game in my opinion, but he won't be forever.  And it seems like it's taking the Patriots "forever" to get their act together for him and for me - LOL - (the fans). 

So no one knows whats next - except time.

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