Friday, October 29, 2010

Penn State and Joe Paterno Plays Michigan

So who's it going to be?  Joe Paterno and Penn State?  or the Michigan?  I'm not sure Penn State is ready for Michigan yet who are 5-2.  But in all honesty their schedule has been quite easy until the last two games to Michigan State and Iowa and they lost both of them.  But they were close.  

I'm worried about both sides of the ball for Joe Paterno and Penn State.  The young quarterback is still young for Penn State and I've questioned some of the play calling this year.  

As far as Penn States Defense - I have much more confidence in them than I do the offense at this time.  But they have much pressure on them in order for them to win this game tomorrow night.  

Game time is at 8PM EST.  Feel free to chat on my blog with each other while you are watching the game.  I may not get it in my area I will have to check.  

Go Penn State Lions and go Joe Paterno!!!

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