Saturday, October 9, 2010

Penn State - Ugh What is Happening to You?

Penn State is just totally falling apart.  No offense, no defense.  

I don't understand what is happening.  They are getting worse.  Remember those defenses Penn State Had.  The ones that shut everyone down?  Where they now?  Now they don't shut Anybody down.  It's so hard to watch them get run over by sub par teams (and good teams).

I will keep routing for our Penn State but my goodness.  This could be a losing season.  I mean the toughest part of their schedule is still to come.  This could be really ugly by the end of the season for Penn State and Joe Paterno.

I know starting the season IN Alabama did not help things along, but they are the number one team in the country at this time.  

You go boys.  And Joe Paterno - Penn State footbali needs your wisdom legend.

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