Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tom Brady and The New England Might Lose But Hopefully the Jets Will Too

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots might not be able to beat the Raven tomorrow despite an extra week of preparation.  The Raven defense is to strong and their offense is too talented for Brady and the Pats.  

The only good news is Tom Brady and the Patriots know how to win close ones and the Ravens seem to be in a lot of close games.  And the other good news is that the Jets stand a chance to lose also playing the Denver Broncos because their head coach is awesome.  I would be pleased if the Jets lose even though it's not a division game.  But if neither of the above happen Tom Brady and the Patriots could be in a world of hurt for the rest of the season both morally and literally.  

Another team I'm routing for is the Philadelphia Eagles who play the Falcons.  It will be a tough game for the Eagles who's defense has fallen apart lately.  But they only lost their two games by a total of 12 points.  That's not bad.  If Andy Reid only had a good quarterback who was steady.  

And the Eagles are in one of if not the toughest division there is.  But we will know the outcome of these things later today. 

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