Saturday, November 7, 2009

Todays is the BIg One For Penn State

Joe Paterno and the Penn State Lions Will Face Their most difficult opponent thus far.

This is a huge game for the Lions. Ohio State is a good team with a lot of confidence. They either seem to have a great performance or do very poorly. But realizing who they are up against I expect them to play very well today against Penn State.

Once again there are several keys to the game. And one of them is Daryll Clark he has to manage the game with precision and he cannot turn the ball over. If he does they will lose.

Along with Daryll Clark playing well, their offensive line has to give him a little time as Ohio State is a good pass rush team. And the offensive play calling must be diverse.

No dumb penalties. There defense must play sound and make one or two big plays without being penalized.

Last but not least Penn State must shine on special teams. Their special teams must outplay Ohio States Special teams.

If these things happen, Penn State will win, if they don't happen they won't win. It's just that simple.

Go Jo Pa, Go Penn State!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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