Thursday, November 12, 2009

Penn State Loses Huge Game to Ohio State

Joe Paterno and the Penn State Lions lose a really tough game to Ohio State on Sat.

I went over the keys to Penn State winning the game and they were almost all up to par, but Ohio State was just the tougher and better team on Sat.

Penn State did not make many mistakes, they did not have many penalties and Daryll Clark did manage the game pretty well.

I think he could have made a few more plays, but the play calling was not diverse enough and the special teams play did not make up for anything. Penn State played tough, but were just outmatched.

And it's a shame because this was the big one. Especially with Iowa losing. It seems they just can't win when they need to most lately.

Penn State should run the table, but it is almost meaningless except for where they could stand with a bowl game.

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