Saturday, November 21, 2009

Penn State Vs Michigan State

Joe Paterno and The Penn State Lions will face Michigan State today to end the season.

Penn State should beat Michigan State rather easily. But they better be ready and not turn the ball over. Because Michigan State has surprised good Penn State teams and Joe Paterno in prior years.

Michigan State has a swarming defense that is quick to the ball. And if you give them momentum, it usually swings BIG.

So play sound, smart and hard football Lions and you will win today to close out the regular schedule.

You wont be Big 10 champs, you won't play for the national championship, but you could play in a descent bowl game.

Bowl games are really all that Penn State and the Big 10 have left this season. And for the Big 10, they better perform will in all of them. They need to fair a lot better than they have in the last year or two.

But this could be the year that they really do.

Go Penn State!!! Go Big 10!!!!!!!

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