Sunday, November 1, 2009

Penn State Beats Northwestern

Penn State beat Northwesters football team Sat. but the first half was ugly.

Penn State and Joe Paterno managed a comeback in the second half when they took control of the ball game the way they should have in the first half.

It was not clean or crisp in the first half, but in the second half. They finally woke up on both sides of the ball.

Next week when they play Ohio State, Penn State better be awake from the first kick-off and their special teams play better be much improved also.

Ohio State is either blowing teams out or having bad games and losing. I think they will continue to roll. The Big ten I think is relatively week this year, Penn State should be un-defeated except for a blocked punt by Iowa.

I sadly predict that Penn State will blow it next week and Happy Valley won't be happy at all. Based on big game performances by Daryll Clark and the way Penn State begun against Northwestern I predict Ohio State will win 28-10. Penn State will turn the ball over, the play calling will be poor and Daryll Clark will make poor decisions.

I hope I'm wrong - Pleeeeeeaaaaaase prove me wrong boys. Go Penn State!!

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