Thursday, September 17, 2009

Patriots Sqeeze By The Bills

The New England Patriots squeezed by the Buffalo Bills on Monday night. I new it would be close, and like I said in my last post - if the game is close, the Patriots know how to win the game. But this game was NOT close in the last 5 minutes and they STILL found a way to win - by the skin of their teeth!!!

Not an impressive win at home to say the least!!! In my last post I wrote they would be in Buffalo - it's good they were I was WRONG or the out come could have actually been ugly for New England.

But I'm just glad they won. Tom Brady is still not really comfortable in the pocket under pressure. They dropped passes - very unlikely, and their defense proved nothing to me Monday night.

Now they travel to New York, and it's good for them they play the Jets and not the Giants. I love them, but I'm just not impressed so far.

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