Monday, September 21, 2009

New England Patriots and Tom Brady Get Roughed Up

In my last post I thought it would be much better if Tom Brady and the New England Patriots would play the Jets instead of the Giants.

At least it looks like I was wrong. Are the Jets that good? Hard to say this early in the season because the Jets played inspired ball against their hated rivals.

Here are my observations: The defense did not come up BIG when they absolutely had to - one thing they used to do.
The offense was completely unprepared, disorganized and penalized. I don't know what happened to Randy moss. Tom Brady was under pressure all day and only put together one good drive.
Unusual for them to NOT get into the end zone when in the red zone.

By the score they were not embarrassed, but all along I have been concerned about the Patriots defense and they have so many changes on it that I'm not sure they will come together in time this season. And despite the game not being a blow out - the New England Patriots and Tom Brady really looked bad!!

So what does this mean for the season? One of two things:

1. They will get mad because of their poor performance AND because they realize that teams are really coming at them, find a way to come together and go deep into the playoffs - (but not win it all this year)
2. Or they will have a very rough season and not even make the playoffs and perhaps not even a winning record.

Sound crazy I do, but last week in New England, they did NOT beat the Bills, the Bills beat themselves after fumbling the ball away at the end of the game.

I love ya Patriots, but this might be long season.

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