Friday, August 14, 2009

Tom Brady CLearly Needs Some Work

Tom Brady Clearly Needs some football work though he readily acknowledge it after the first preseason game against a good Eagles team.

I'm just glad he played. I did not expect to see him at all to be honest and if he played I only expected one series. So I was happy to see him get so much work. It will make him ready for the regular season.

He did not look like the calm, cool and collected Tom Brady we are used to seeing, but once again he admits to being "nervous".

I'm very excited about Michael Vick joining the Eagles who I also like very much. As I stated before Andy Reid is one if not thee best coach in the league.

If he had a Tom Brady, he would have at least 2 Superbowl rings by now and maybe 4.

As usual my concern for the Patriots is their defense. I'm sure if he stays healthy that Tom Brady will be fine by the regular season..

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