Monday, August 31, 2009

Tedy Bruschi Will Retire From The New England Patriots

Al Michaels just announced on NBC's Sunday Night Football telecast that New England Patriots LB Tedy Bruschi will announce his retirement tomorrow.

New NBC analyst Rodney Harrison, a former Patriots safety who also retired this off season, had this to say about Bruschi on the telecast: "A terrific football player, a great friend of mine, one of the hardest-working guys that I've ever been around, a tremendous leader in that locker room, a guy that was an integral part of that 2003-2004 Super Bowl run that we had."

These are all true things about this intense leader on the football field. A true player to admire - a play maker.

However, in my humble opinion the New England Patriots will be better off with out him from this point forward. And the only reason I believe that is his age and thus lack of strength, and speed. Even the most intelligent player in the world can only play for so long.

As for character and class - no player shows more. Always have my respect because of his character and class - he will.

Lets hope more leaders like him rise up to improve this season for Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.

But missed in the locker room he will be!!

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