Sunday, August 23, 2009

Penn State Should Be 3-0 No Problem

The First Three games of the Penn State Football season should be relatively easy games for the Lions and Joe Paterno. After that however, nothing is for certain.

The Big 10 conference is no longer a 3 or 4 team show. Teams who were once inferior year after year like Illinois are now anything but walk overs and can on any given day surprise what appears to a much stronger opponent. Lucky for the Lions their veteran coach is fully aware of this fact - but he was last year also at Iowa.

All this being said, the schedule looks very promising for Penn State especially because they are playing Ohio State in PA!!!

But if they do run the table, will they be ready for other conferences? Could they stop the likes of a Tim Tebow? At this point I don't think they can, but first things indeed remain FIRST - win the big 10!!!!!

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