Sunday, October 18, 2009

Penn State Wins

Penn State beat the Gophers yesterday as they should have in what looked to be an easy win for Joe Paterno and the Lions.

But now we will see what the Lions and Paterno and Clark are really made of next Saturday when they face Michigan who always seems to give them a hard time. Penn State will NOT be over matched like they were against Minnesota.

Because of the strength of their opponent there will be more than Daryll Clark that will have to click in this game. He will have to play almost perfect. But even if he does and Penn States defense don't come up big - they could go down hard.

So the three factors that are key in order for Penn State to win are 1. Daryll Clark managing the game, making some big plays either with his legs and/or arm. 2. Can Penn State's defense stop Michigan? They have to come up big in order to win. 3. Offensive play calling has to be very creative against this Michigan coach. Penn State can't just ram it down their throat and come up with a win.

So let's see what happens - Go Penn State!!!

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