Sunday, October 4, 2009

Brady - Patriots Pull it Out!!

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots looked sharper than I expected and knocked off the undefeated Baltimore Ravens. As good as the Ravens were playing, I'm surprised they were able to pull it off to be honest. But I said they had to bring their "A" game to have a chance and that's exactly what they did. It was not perfect, but they were very sharp, played hard, and in the end made less mistakes than the Ravens.

Randy Moss scored his first touchdown reception of the season. Wes Welker caught several key balls and showed his usual productivity despite reports of his injury. I think Tom Brady completed passes to over 10 different players which is awesome.

The Patriots defense stepped up to the plate and stopped the Ravens short on two different 4th down plays. Then Mark Clayton dropped a ball that could have been important late in the 4th quarter to sort of seal the deal the New England.

A well fought game by two good teams back and forth it went. And in the end, the Ravens just make a few less plays than the New England Patriots.

Sometimes I Loooooooooove to be wrong!!!!

Great job guys, hopefully this will be a confidence booster.

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