Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bill Belichick Takes Tim Tebow Out For Dinner

Yes it's true, Bill Belichick did take former Fl. quarterback Tim Tebow out for dinner in Boston.

So what does it mean for Tim Tebow? Who knows? With a coach like Bill Belichick Tebow could be their next linebacker - (just kidding). But truthfully there is no better person than Bill Belichick to place a good football player in the position where he will excel.

Tebow is a good football player so many, including myself would loved to be at the meeting. But only time will tell because it always does. One thing I know. Tim Tebow is a classy guy who is very intelligent. And the New England Patriots are a classy team from the owner on down to a transformed Randy Moss. So in that one regard, Tebow would fit right in.

Perfect on the Patriots or any team for that matter no one is - sorry but not even the great Tom Brady. But classy the Patriots are, and in that form Tebow would be more than a better fit. No doubt there is that Bilichick is very aware of this fact.

But in the meantime, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots have to worry about the Jets and Dolphins who are now forces that will challenge New England every game and every play.

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