Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Penn State Offense Could Have To Carry Load

The Penn State Football offense could have to carry the load because the defense is more unpredictable this year.

The offense could be awesome depending on how the line protects Daryll Clark. And if they can stay healthy. Evan Royster could be one of the best running backs in the country if he stays healthy. But my concern is the defense.

Only 3 or 4 starters come back which is not enough. There are several guys with potential, but too many of them have to live up to expectations which they might not be able to do. The defense will be good, but not great unless every new starter lives up to every ones expectations. They will especially be vulnerable in the secondary and if they cannot generate an immediate pass rush. A team with a great passing game could score a lot of points on them.

I love the Nittany Lions and hope they go undefeated, but with their defense I just don't see it happening in 2009...................but boy would I love to be wrong!!!!

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