Sunday, May 24, 2009

My Favorite Sports

Hi this is Billy and my favorite sports include NHL hockey during the playoffs because that is when its most exciting. College football - I am a dedicated Penn State fan. Though during other games I might pick certain teams to root for. The NFL - I have now specific team, I like many teams - I more choose character players to root for instead of teams. But in both college and pro football I sometimes root for the underdog.
I rarely get into baseball except for the world series or NL/AL championship. And its the same way with basket ball. I don't really care about pro ball, and college I don't care about until the final 4.

And my first post is about how the Penguins are kicking the Hurricanes buts, and I don't like it because I think the hurricanes are playing harder, but just don't have the talent - like I said, I will root for the underdog often.

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